Technology enabled outsourcing with
real-time collaboration.

Access automation to drive efficiency. Analyse data to deliver insights.

Know exactly when
it’s landing on your desk.

Collaborate with others, and streamline workflows
through our secure proprietary portal.
  • Visibility - Know exactly what needs to be actioned with automated workflow and secure file storage for easy tracking

  • Quality - See work tracking through our six-sigma backed, 1SO 9001 verified quality checking process

  • Delivered in full and on time - In a single view you can track progress, identifying bottlenecks and ensuring nothing falls behind.

You want the big picture.

While your compliance, payroll + accounts run seamlessly in the background,
you get the full story in your hands.
  • Understand the financial impact of your plans, know which decisions to make, and when to take action.

  • Avoid the pitfalls, understand cashflow know when to invest and when to hanker down.

  • KPI data at your fingertips so you can measure and monitor the metrics which matter most to your business.

Accounting practice performance dashboard.

Analyse team performance, remove blockers, reduce your bench
+ improve productivity.
  • Reporting – Purpose built metric based reporting gives you visibility of team and individual output

  • Efficiency – Celebrate work delivered faster and Identify bottlenecks to take action before they become blockers

  • Profitability – Some customers consume more time than others. Is your team focussed on the most valuable accounts?

Everyone knows you’re the boss.

With Big Boss control centre you can approve invoices, review receipts (+ more)
with split second updates across multi instances of Xero.
  • Efficiency - Single destination reviewing and approvals with distributed actions across multiple software instances.

  • Speed - Bots take care of the repetitive tasks so you don’t need to with optical character recognition (OCR) for automated invoice and purchase processing.

  • Accuracy – automation across common distributed processes with extensive processing capacity greatly reduces any chance for human error or mistakes.

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