The most common bookkeeping mistakes business owners need to avoid

Six common bookkeeping mistakes to avoid We highlight the most common mistakes made by SMEs that need to be avoided to ensure the success of their business. With the increase complexity of accounting, compliance and bookkeeping processes, business owners juggle to keep their business profitable. During these challenging times especially, it’s easy to understand where … Read more

Top 5 Accounting Skills for The Future

Skills For Future Success Employers find it increasingly difficult to attract the right talent and skills set to achieve long-term common goals. The report named “Skills for future success” has found that the globalisation of business operations and rapid advances in technology are some of the key drivers in a current and future skills shortage … Read more

Creative Accountants are in demand!

Do Accountants need to be creative? How so? Traditionally, using the words creative and accountant together was associated with questionable accounting practices. But creativity is being increasingly recognized as a valuable workplace skill. According to  LinkedIn research, creativity is the most in-demand skill across all industries in 2018, 2019 and 2020.  The 2020 Future of … Read more