Linking Sri Lankan Talent And Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become of the most popular methods of providing various services between one company to another. With a formal contract in place, the outsourcer agrees to provide services to usually a larger company. We at Accario, provide outsourcing resources to a vast variety of companies in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and the Nordic Regions. Sri Lanka, with its majority of benefits, would be considered one of the best choices for international companies to invest in outsourcing, as time goes by.

1) Sri Lanka has Free Education

With free education offered in Sri Lanka, every child is entitled to one of the best education systems worldwide. After completion of their Advanced Levels, all highschool graduates have an immense variety of higher education degrees and diplomas to select from. With this benefit, Sri Lanka provides an impressive percentage of qualified and educated personals.

With a 92% literacy rate and the highest in South East Asia, Sri Lankan graduates are known to provide quality outcome with a can-do attitude.

2) Majority of Sri Lankans are Bilingual

Particularly from a young age, Sri Lankan students are taught the importance of bilingualism. With inclusion of languages such as Sinhalese, English and Tamil, students can communicate with individuals from various backgrounds. Certain educational institutions take a step further and provide students with the interesting choice of French and Chinese, thought to be few languages with high demand in thes modern world.

By considering Sri Lanka as a top outsourcing choice, international companies are provided with easy communication. This would improve language barriers and help all parties to get the best of both worlds, a simplified process of outsourcing with minimized communication barriers. Individuals walking through the doors of Accario are greeted by individuals from different multicultural backgrounds. These guests are treated to an environment where people with different mindsets can work as one team by providing a helping hand with eagerness. Long lasting relationships are formed not with just our fellow colleagues, but as well as with our clients, due to good communication techniques and noteworthy competence. 

3) A Rapidly Developing Nation

With the end of the 30-year civil war in 2009, Sri Lanka has paved its way towards rapid development nationwide. International companies would begin to view Sri Lanka as the technological hub of South East Asia. As the first country to develop 3G and 4G services in Asia, outsourcing would be comfortable for potential candidates considering Sri Lanka as their main choice. Through daily tasks at Accario, most bookkeeping tasks are completed virtually, therefore, technology is one of the biggest players. As Sri Lanka continues to develop, global companies would be quick to choose our motherland as their next outsourcing destination, due to continuous improvement in technology. Accario has been able to welcome more clients on board, as we showcase the benefits of technological development through email communication, and most interestingly through virtual assistance, one of the rising sectors within the business world.

Like Sri Lanka continues to develop as a nation, Accario continues to thrive to the top of the outsourcing sector. With the qualified and talented workforce currently at Accario, it has been able to emerge as the leader of the sector within a short period of time. As the subject of outsourcing becomes a popular topic of discussion within numerous organizations, Accario adapts to the current demand of clients, tightening the bond between all stakeholders within the organization. Due to the many benefits Sri Lanka has to offer towards the potential investors in outsourcing, we believe our nation would be named one of the top places to consider outsourcing within the foreseeable future.

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