Remote Working the New Normal

It wasn’t that long ago that managing employees from a central workplace was the traditional way to operate a business. Covid 19 has forced the world to see that not only is remote working efficient and manageable, it comes with practical cost savings and advantages to both staff and employees that will make it hard to justify a return to full-time onsite working.

Covid 19 has forced businesses to embrace a remote working environment, and for many this has opened their eyes to the benefits of remote working.

Once it was established that adults, for the most part, could be trusted to manage their time and productivity without sitting under the eagle eyed gaze of their manager, the advantages and perks of having a team work from home became apparent.

Big offices come with big costs. In addition to the obvious rent and utilities, there are the other day to day costs that add up – photocopying, tea and coffee, bathroom supplies, cleaning, internet, phones, security.….the list goes on. No office to maintain equals more money in the kitty, and what business owner doesn’t love that?

The perks for employees are huge as well – no transport or parking costs, less money spent on buying lunch, and most importantly, less time sitting in traffic or squeezed under a strangers armpit on the train for the commute. Add to this the fact that pub lunches have been replaced with lunchtime walks in the park, and the health benefits start to weigh up as well.

Technology means that Zoom meetings have replaced the need for boardroom meetings, and meetings that ‘should have been an email’ are now exactly that.

Such are the advantages of a remote working arrangement that many Australian businesses have already cancelled their office lease, or indicated that they would not expect or require staff to return to a full-time onsite working environment.

What does this mean for outsourcing?

Now that we’ve seen that staff do not need to be in a centralised location to efficiently manage their productivity, what then of outsourcing? If staff are working from their homes in the suburbs, why couldn’t they be working from another country?

The simple answer is, they can. And for hundreds of Australian businesses, they do.

In addition to the cost savings discussed already, outsourcing some of your work to Accario provides you further savings on staff costs. A fully qualified full-time accountant can cost up to 70% less than hiring locally. And while we manage the back-office work for your business, this free’s up your onsite staff to manage the face to face client relationships and business development.

Remote working is the new normal, and throwing outsourcing into the mix will add to both your business skillset and savings.

How soon will you onboard your team?