The key to success is Motivation

We are intrinsically motivated to learn about the world around us from an early age. During our early years, we gravitate towards novel objects and events and shy away at times from things that are too familiar but also from new ones that are exceptionally complicated; we evolve from this stage however still tending to be cautious about unconventional setups in our everyday life.

A person’s motivation comes from wanting to do well in order to achieve a set of goals that will allow them to gain success in accomplishing a result.

There are many reasons why people work, including for a living. Many people are passionate about their jobs and want to make the world a better place, they likely work for companies that provide stimulating and productive workplaces that challenge and motivate them. To create a company culture that fosters engagement within teams, employee expectations should be ascertained. A great work environment can boost employee morale, encourage motivation, organisational productivity, and enhance an employee’s quality of life.

The employer should also offer employees fair compensation and benefits, comprehensive rewards, incentives, and recognition systems, and a framework that guides them toward meeting their goals and expectations. Employees should be given feedback, the occasional appreciation of a well-completed task, and given an opportunity to assist co-workers in a team environment. Setting achievable goals for employees allows them to work towards something concrete and will also give them the possibility to measure their performance. Achieved goals should be recognized and acknowledged. A simple incentive like a team lunch or internal email recognising employees’ achievements will motivate them to move towards their next goal.

Employees are motivated by the sense that their needs are valued by their employers. However, this doesn’t mean that every plea gets a free pass from the management, but rather that their concerns get listened to and addressed. Management that fails to listen to employees will hinder the growth of the business, having no regard – for their ideas and the right amount of work/ time put into completing tasks, employees feel it unnecessary to work hard to advance the company above its competitors.

Giving a competitive compensation package or performance-based bonuses will encourage employees to remain with a company. A company that is attentive to employees’ interests and future plans makes them thrive in their performance and feel valued as an employee of the organisation.

Employee motivation is crucial to maintaining a successful and healthy business. There will always be some employees who need a little push and a bit of guidance to work harder, and there will also be some who can do it on their own. All in all, managers play a pivotal role in keeping employees motivated in an organization and its culture.

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