Why Accario should be part of your Business Plan

Long before covid took over our lives and newsfeeds, the astute business owner knew the importance of solid business continuity planning to ensure the company’s ability to overcome any risk.  

The thing about a BCP is you won’t always need it, but when you do you REALLY need it. An effective BCP can mean the difference between a business that falls to risk, a business that survives and even a business that truly thrives.

Of course, it’s not just something as catastrophic as a global pandemic that requires a long term business continuity plan to be in place. Something as simple as a staff resignation, power outage or god forbid an unexpected injury or illness could place enormous stress on any business.

It’s important to understand the impact disruption can have on your business, and what the critical components are that must continue to run uninterrupted in order for the company to survive. One of these components that is uniform in any BCP is the finance and accounting. Bills don’t care what’s happening in the world or in your life – they need to be paid. So do salaries.

When do I need a BCP?

  • Now! Don’t risk waiting for a disaster to insure your businesses future.

Why do I need a BCP?

  • You take out insurance for your car, right? And your home, your contents, your holidays….Why wouldn’t you want to protect the very thing that is funding all of these things? No matter what may happen, you need to ensure that your business is secure. Not just for your own financial security, but also for that of your employees.

Where do I start?

  • I’m glad you asked! At Accario, we can not only help to mitigate any risk around the financials for your business, BUT we can help you save money and grow by providing the support you need to scale your business.

We work with you to get to know your business and how you like to run your finance and accounting. From here, we create a standard operating procedure for your business. It’s part of our own BCP – we always have staff fully trained on your processes available to pick up your file and run with it. It also means we can grow your offshore team, providing the back office support your company needs so you can focus on client facing and business building.

When you’re ready to start protecting your business, and ensuring the next global event or personal illness doesn’t spell the end of your company, contact us at Accario and we’ll help you get the wheels in motion.

How soon will you onboard your team?