Franchisors: How to find the right franchisees for your business

When you’re looking to expand your business through franchising, it’s essential to take the time to find the right franchisees. Not just anyone will do – you need individuals who have the skills and experience necessary to run a franchise and the drive and ambition to make it a success. We will discuss the things … Read more

Motivational Stories To Push You Forward In Life

How we can learn from Olympic success stories to help shape our lives We live in challenging times as we face a global pandemic and the demands from everyday life, whether as a professional, a business, or an individual. Whatever the challenge is, there are lessons that we can learn from the inspiring stories of … Read more

Overcoming financial challenges facing franchises during the global pandemic


A franchise is a contractual arrangement where a franchisor allows a franchisee the right to use its trademark for products and services and business systems and processes to operate the business.  The franchisor will provide operating manuals, training, quality control, marketing, and advertising, plus usually selecting a site. As a result, the franchisee benefits from an … Read more

Seven benefits of Cloud Accounting


Seven benefits of Cloud Accounting The use of the cloud is becoming more prevalent, with many of us using it daily, for example, Dropbox and Google Drive.  The cloud is programs, applications, services, and storage accessed through the internet, rather than running on a desktop computer hard drive. We can access cloud services from web … Read more

How accountants are helping entrepreneurs kickstart their business to success

Many high-profile startups have experienced success in recent years, such as Canva, Afterpay, 99 designs, and The Iconic. These success stories lead the way, inspiring many more Australians to launch startups, with Australia experiencing some of the fastest growth in startups worldwide. Creating a new business is not easy. “Starting a business is not for … Read more

Accounting for Cryptocurrency: How to treat these digital assets in our books


Cryptocurrency Accounting For a lot of folks out there, the most important thing they want to know about cryptocurrency is, how is it going to make me money? However, for accountants, it’s important to understand how to reliably and consistently treat these new-age digital assets in our books! There are now over 6000 cryptocurrencies on … Read more

5 benefits of having a dedicated accountant for your small business


Accounting plays a critical role in running a business because it helps you track income and expenses, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide quantitative financial information to investors, managers and government that you can use to make business decisions. Most successful entrepreneurs and business owners who have worked with accountants will tell you that they are … Read more

RPA and its trends to look out for in 2021


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows anyone to configure computer software by combining artificial intelligence and human interactions within the digital system. Performing daily tasks like calculations, transactions and maintaining records is made easier. RPA can handle daily repeatable tasks that humans would perform, at high volume and in almost half the time. It’s a non-intrusive … Read more