The Secret to Recovering Lost Deals: The Power of the Follow-up Email in your Accounting Firm

It happens to the best of us. We meet with a prospective client, we think the meeting went great, and then… crickets and the deal falls through. Maybe they found a better deal elsewhere, were unhappy with the services we offered, or just plain forgot about us. Whatever the reason, it can be a blow … Read more

How much is your small business worth?

The Top 3 Ways to Value Your Small Business Determining the value of a small business is not always a straightforward process but it is worth the effort to get an accurate valuation. But you may be wondering why it is important to have a business valuation in the first place? There are actually several … Read more

What is goodwill?

“Goodwill” is often a term thrown around in the business world, and business owners refer to “goodwill” when discussing their company’s value, but what exactly is it? Goodwill is a term used in accounting to refer to the value of a company that is not attributed to its tangible assets, such as buildings or equipment. … Read more